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Dawn to Dusk


1.     Monday through Friday when there is no life guard present, no one is allowed in the pool alone.   There are to be no more than five people in the pool at any one time.   The gate is to remain closed and locked at all times.  Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied and supervised by an adult.  Persons in violation are subject to $100 fine.  Louisville Metro Board of Health Rules.

2.     Use of the swimming pool is limited to owners/residents and their guests.  Residents/owners will use their keys and passes to gain access to the pool area.  Each resident family is required to have the pool pass in their possession.

3.     Guests are limited to four per unit.

4.     Residents, owners and their guests are required to obey posted pool rules.  The lifeguard on duty Saturdays and Sundays may expel any one from the pool area if the are creating a nuisance or are behaving in an offensive manner.  

5.     The lifeguard may limit the number of guests if the pool becomes overcrowded, or the number of guests is excessive.  

6.     Pool hours are daylight to dark. 

7.     During closed hours, the facility is off limits to all residents & guests.

8.     Radios and tape players, etc., are to be kept to a level which cannot be heard beyond the immediate pool area.  The resident has a responsibility as a good neighbor to respect other residents’ request to turn down any appliance if asked.

9.     Behavior which is offensive or annoying to other residents, such as loud, inebriated conduct is prohibited.

10.  No pets are allowed in the pool area.

11.  No glassware allowed in the pool area.

12.  Pool furniture must remain in the pool area.

13.  Be mindful of your right to ask any individual or group in violation of the rules to cease that activity immediately.  You also have the right to ask any individual or group to identify themselves and show proper, unexpired pass or immediately leave the area.  If you encounter problems with this rule, please advise the Association Board Management Company.

14.   All persons using the pool do so at their own risk.

15.  The owners and management reserve the right to refuse the use of the pool facilities to anyone at any time.


If you need to obtain a pool key or pool passes, please contact Renee Kuhlman, Property Manager, with Mulloy Properties at 502-498-2410 or via email at

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